Sunday Singing

Sunday Singing

Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.  Psalm 200:2

I look forward to each Sunday service at the Wilton Baptist Church.  I enjoy our church services as we lift up the Lord in song and with the preaching of the Word.  In both the 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM we enjoy and benefit from encouraging, positive, and Christ-honoring music.

Serving the Lord with gladness includes good music!  Bible centered music will point the musician, singer, and the listener to the Lord.  This music will guide away from the world, worldly rhythm of life, and help those involved with the music learn more of Jesus.

The special music selections are always fresh and exciting to me.  We are blessed to have several talented musicians that serve in this ministry.

The choir is always a blessing.  Their songs really set a tone as they start off each Sunday morning service.

The congregational singing is terrific!  Blending our voices together in songs and hymns that are rich in doctrine are a great way to worship and also a good method of committing Bible truth to heart. We still sing out of songbooks for our congregational singing.  I am like most: occasionally I miss the name and number of the next song as it is called out.   I am blessed with the song selection our assistant pastor lists on a screen on the wall.  That is a real help!

Go to church Sunday.  Grab a hymnal.  Lift your voice.  Participate. This Sunday’s singing can be the best you have ever heard.





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