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No Chance Encounter

No Chance Encounter

One of the two which heard John speak, and followed him, was Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother. He first findeth his own brother Simon, and saith unto him, We have found the Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ.  John 1:40-41

Andrew heard the preaching.  God’s Word affected his heart.  John the Baptist was preaching in the wilderness and Andrew was there the day that John Baptist met Jesus.  As Jesus walked towards John, John cries out: “Behold the Lamb of God!”  Andrew is beside himself.  This is the One he has been waiting his whole life for.  His parents, grandparents and people even further back were hoping for this moment when the Lamb of God would be revealed.

Andrew did not keep this news to himself.  He finds his brother Peter, and tells him about seeing Jesus.   He specifically found his brother to tell him this good news.  This meeting Jesus was no accident.  God was orchestrating these events.  Peter meets Jesus later on and becomes a fisher of men.  He goes on to be one of the greatest preachers and writer of several New Testament books.  It all started with Andrew.  Peter meets Jesus, and the “rest is history.”

I wonder, would God save others if we would talk to them about Jesus?  Since there are no “chance encounters” with God, it seems that the Lord would bless your efforts to bring people to Jesus.  They may trust Christ.  They may reject Him.  But the choice is theirs.  We need to be more like Andrew and find specific people and tell them about Jesus.

Are you excited for this Spring season?  I am looking forward to our mission confernece in just a few days.  With all the tracts our church has been handing out, I am happy to say that we have had several new visitors that God has sent to our church.  This is no accident.  With our Teen WAR youth meeting coming up, we hope to hand out nearly 5000 invitations.  The Gospel will be given and teens will trust Jesus.  And then Resurrection Sunday.  Easter will be here and we are praying for a harvest of people to trust Jesus and start a faith walk with us at Wilton Baptist Church.

You can be a part of all of this.  Please pray.  Please keep handing out tracts as part of our tract month.  Please invite a specific person to sit with you at church on Easter Sunday.  There will be another Apostle Peter, but the person you bring to meet Jesus could become a Christian, and in turn see many others trust Christ in their life and ministry.

Since there are no “chance encounters” lets do all we can to bring people to Jesus.  I am praying for a spiritual renewal at WBC and a spiritual awakening in our region.  Will you pray along with me for this?






Who are You a Companion To?

Who are You a Companion To?

I am a companion of all them that fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts.  Psalms 119:63

Have you ever met a person who said they “had no friends?”  Have you ever felt lonely thinking that others do not care about you?  Sometimes we can become depressed and discouraged when we approach relationship with the “They” and “I” perspective.  It may really be that instead of others being interested in you, you have not been interested in others.

As my family and I were reading this verse today, I was prompted to write down the following thoughts that may be a help to you and your relationships today.

Instead of asking “who are my friends” I should ask “Who am I friends with?”  One is egocentric, the other is others centric.  Self-centeredness has captivated many relationships throughout history.  You are in good company if you have thought this way, but you can change for the better today!

Be Proactive Relationally.  As the Psalmist pens Psalm 119, he gives great insight to the “direction” our relationships should focus.  Instead of saying “They are my companions” he said “I am their companion.”  This makes a world of difference!  He was looking for being friends with people who loved the Lord.  He was not letting the relationships come looking for him, he was proactive.

I have known people that say “No-one is my friend at church.”  A casual observation in nearly every case this is stated is that the person saying it is not proactive in his relationships.  If one sits in a corner and expects people to find him, his relational appearance portrays that he is not interested in relationships.  If the same man would walk around to people, actively greet old and new friends, then he would develop closer ties to people.  Proverbs 18:24 is still true: “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly.”

Be Persistent Relationally.  The Psalmist is reaching out to people who fear God.  He wanted to be around people who loved the One True God.  What a blessing we have to be active in local Bible believing churches!  We can have friends who love the Lord too.  A man may say that he is lonely, but if he comes to the service 5 minutes late and leaves the service 5 minutes early, he is not giving friendships a chance to develop.  Relationships must be persistently pursued by spending time with others.

I have known individuals and families that come late and leave early and wonder why they have no connections with people in the church.  It is because they are unavailable to others.  Friendships should not be based solely on vocation, education, affluence, or personalities.  Friendships are based on love, value, and time shared.  The Psalmist was available. He put himself in a position to spend time with others that feared the Lord.

Encarta says the word “companion” means “somebody who shares time with another.”  Who are you a companion to today?  Don’t let others look for friendship with you – you look for friendships with them.  See if this does not help your emotions, demeanor, perspective and service to the Lord.  I believe it will help.  Don’t ask; “Who Are my friends?” instead ask; “Who am I a companion to? Who am I a friend to?”